First poem

And there it stood, so calmly lay
Far from obscured infection of the day
One glimpse into the poisonous display
Has aimed an arrow at your fragile heart of clay.
One look, that’s all it takes.
One beam of light, all beauty breaks.
Drain all infinity into one glass,
Allow no evidence of years that pass.
Pump your blood flow in reverse.
Feel the pain behind each curse.
Listen to whispers of the rain,
Throughout the madness remain sane.
Let your soul escape its prison,
For your freedom has become treason.
Your expression’s just a painting.
Yearn for sublimity? Please stop waiting.
Mirrors lie, mirrors deceive
Gain your trust, make you believe.
Hold your courage, save your faith.
Use the secrets of your wraith,
For it does not seek perfection
Eternity left it with no reflection.
Close the curtain, fear the light,
Against forever one must fight.
Forget it all, forget the shame.
It all hides there inside the frame.
May your smile chase away terror.
Prove yourself there’s been an error.
Travel further into the unseen,
Draw all potential from within,
Find inner peace and restful stillness,
Above it all accept forgiveness.



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