Adult life… sort of

Today has been one of those days when you order a veggie burger and think you’re all healthy and slick. I know I am not, but I can officially say that I try.

On another note, I’ve been struggling with a very hard decision.. There comes a time in someone’s life when they realize they have become boring. Back story: I have to work a part time job in order to finance my University. Forward story: I want to go to a college party and my conciousness won’t allow me because I have to be in the office by 9 am sharp. There is this constant struggle within us: do the right thing or do the fun thing and they almost bloody never are the same. Should I spend more time going out or resting for the week to come, should I iron this shirt or just roll with it, spend more time with boyfriend or study all weekend? I feel like our generation has a lot resting on our shoulders and the stress shows. I don’t want to have to choose to be responsible everytime.Maybe one of my obscure readers could help me. Party on or netflix alone?

Conclusion is: I miss freedom. I miss me.

Nothing I can do, but hell I wish the solution to see.


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