over clouds at sunset’s end
memories back to you I send
blink one time or eight or twice
please cruel future, please be nice
let no wave disturb my peace
from this sadness i beg release
i wish to wheep until i can no more
fight the distance until my blood is sore
i must leave, must run away
reality’s alive and had one word to say
“impossible”.. i must obey
forever remember our first Hei!
it all lies quetly in the past
no disturbance.. ignore it i must
it shouts, it screams, it lies awake
i just shut up and let it take
little by little, a lot by a lot
my smile.. bring it back i simply can not
now i live in this world all by myself
feel like our book’s forgotten on a shelf
stays hidden somewhere inside us all
giving hope is its only role
it’s only going to hurt if i permit
you know i won’t so believe in it
let the nighttime be our protection
if you need submit inspection
imagine yesterday as if it were tomorrow
i’m underneath a pile of sorrow
with one beat i seek our song
we’ll sync sometime no matter how long
i left today, come back next year
i’ll see you again, have no fear.


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