Long time no see. I write this out to all of the people who do selfless things for us selfish ones. I am by far the most narcissistic person I know and this makes me egoistic and senseless. In contrast to my terrible personality there is my partner in crime aka my boyfriend. I’ve always known he was my opposite from every point of view, but today I received the ultimate proof.

Has anyone ever done your work for you even though they were both hungry, bored, cold, upset and lazy? Me neither, until today. I was looking at him mesmerized and had no clue how I could thank him more.

You might assume he did this in return for something. In this case you are one of my people. I have news for y’all. There is this weird breed of humans that do good deeds out of simple will.

It made me think about how little I do without at least hoping for something in return. And this does not make me feel happy or fulfilled. Him on the other hand felt happy for helping out and then just going home (and forgetting his keys at my apartment, but nobody is perfect).

I take this time to write a blog letter thingy to thank every single one of you. This world would not be the same without that little group of individuals that just enjoys sharing happiness. If a smile on someone’s face is all the repayment you need, then you my friend are what this world offered best. I stand by you and wish you never meet me.



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