In today’s story I would like to discuss passion. You know that thing we all used to have when we were little but then life happened and now we’re left wondering where it went?

Well, if there is one thing i definitely used to have then that is passion. I used to go to the store and when I returned home I would have 10 stories to tell about what happened on the way. I would add color to my day and present it to anyone who would listen. Who cared if my cashier was on her first day and started the conveyor belt and then couldn’t stop it and the entire supermarket united in a quest to help the poor soul? I did! I cared! And because I did, everyone around me did.

I used to call up friends in the middle of the night to ask them out for ice cream. Now that is something forbidden because once you turn 20 this is considered irresponsible and reckless. No, no, no! We must be in bed with a salad by 22:00 sharp. Ready for work and willing to be turned into machines. Well, I just decided I refuse to abide by these rules.

Change has to happen and not just to me, but to all of us. We are all creative, imaginative and passionate human beings. You want to go on and kiss that stranger? Please let nothing stand in your way! (If by any chance you are in a relationship and you still have this urge, then maybe you need to reconsider your choice of partner. In this case don’t cheat, but change!).

There is a higher level of negativity and depression in the world than ever before? Why? Those of us being sad have everything a child in Africa would dream of. And still we are unhappy. And we live in unhappiness for years on end. And die unhappy. And breed unhappy. And it shows. We have become this way because we never let ourselves go anymore. Art doesn’t pay so why do it? It pays with something much more valuable than money, it pays with feelings, emotions and wonder. It creates, never destroys.

If anyone out there agrees with me, then please do the right thing and add passion to your daily life. Dance in the rain if that is what makes you happy! Do whatever you dream of doing (as long as it is legal of course..murdering someone is not acceptable behavior you rascals). Just go outside and take a breath and smile! Life is a gift!



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