when you leave, i love you not
but when i go, it hurts a lot
another time, another place
another me, another face
will u tremble at my thought
will our doom finally rot
i believe we’re fully free
open wide and let eyes see
if their choice is to refuse
then reason must not accuse
for all feelings fade and blend
as time runs all wounds are mend
follow paths of blissfull skies
open coffins with dark lies
dusty, cold and broken bones
all your blood turned into stones
not in his act, but in his voice
(rises high above each noise)
one will find a silent thunder
of a distant time will wonder
every sunrise shall not set
you inside cannot be let
and all hope is not in vain
my own will with tears stain

pic: http://images4.fanpop.com/image/photos/16100000/Tears-eyes-16143904-500-368.jpg


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