Desert fox

On the train to Neverland

Everywhere you look there’s sand

And like magic disappears

Raising questions and more fears

Castles made of scattered glass

Not one single spot of grass

All is dry and lost of life

Of disaster I am wife

As the desert shifts and turns

And within my soul it burns

I seek vengeance and destruction

Against humanity I take action

I’m no God, but should I be

All of you this world will flee

Dust will sharpen my revenge

Of betrayal you all stench

Only one can save it all

Young and helpless little soul

Give me back what once was mine

Or I’ll cut the desert’s spine

You’ll be  left with death and tears

To replace my long lost years

It was a fox, much like the others

Came from bloodlines of its fathers

Knew me well

And he could tell

As the dunes could hide the night

In its inner hidden light

So could I hide all my feel

Under covers of cold steel

Give him back or else I swear

What’s left of you I do not care

Drain your oceans I will try

Fill them up when you all cry.





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