So, I have exams week coming up.. pretty much now.. I have an exam in 2 days.. But like any other young adult with any self worth I procrastinate. Today a little more than yesterday and a little less than 2 days ago. To put it lightly, I woke up at 1 pm and have been doing Markov Chains (if you know what they are I am sorry for you and if you don’t then I am jealous). When I say “doing” I mean “dancing on sum 41, ordering make up online, looking up new books, chatting with friends, drinking way too much coke zero and somehow surfing my way through 12 lectures in one day”.

A while back I began to feel a little less like myself and more like a machine. Ever since 2 weeks ago or so this changed. I have taken back control over my feelings. Or lack thereof. All my life I’ve been in a constant battle with myself. Feel too much and you’re screwed, feel too little and you can’t be happy. Have I finally managed to find the right balance in a cafeteria studying Econometrics with my nr 1 study buddy (aka lazyass, aka latelord, aka gabootie .. don’t ask..) ? OR  is this all just me fooling myself (or the coke finally hitting my brain) ?

My point is, whatever you have to do in life, whether they are stressful situations or not, do them with a smile on your face. I hate Markov Chains, but out of all my exams this is the most fun I’ve had while studying ( I have legit spent 12 hours in a God damn McDonalds cause the library has no wi fi ). Whether I pass or fail, I will always remember this (and the God damn Monte Carlo method of risk assessment).

Hope you enjoy my rambling dear readers!



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