Feel The Wind Vibrate Attention
Salty Smell Of Plain Old Devastation
Fields Cry Sadness And Despair
Soaring Evidence Scattered In The Air
Long Forgotten And Ignored
Under Pressure Of The Lord
Never Free, Never The Belf’
Always He, Always The Self
Screams Of Horror Put To Sleep
Hope That Sinks From Up To Deep
In Their World Is Just The Violence
By The Powers Brought To Silence
Armies Find, Not Care And Break
All The Treasures Simply Take
All The Bombs At Heartbeat’s End
Mean Just Lives To Heaven Sent
All The Angles Look Upon Them
Behind Hatred There’s No Shame
They’re Regretless And Unholy
For My Faith I Thank God Solely
It Is Not The Lower Classes
That Kill People.. All The Mases
With One Blink They Are Forgotten
Oblivion Takes Over All That’s Rotten
Do Not Hate And Do Not Fear
For In Hell They Will All Tear.


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